FAQ – ANY-JUNK? Frequently Asked Questions

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We are a full-service rubbish removal company. We haul away items that you no longer need like renovation debris, house hold junk, appliances etc.

No. Pricing is based on volume and the type of material we are hauling away. We can try to give a price range but, in order for us to give the final price we do need to see it in person. We will schedule an appointment with you and review the general pricing, and then when the truck team arrives we will verify the pricing with you.

Contact us as soon as possible as time-slots fill up quickly. Once you call we will let you know the availability in your area.

This allows truck teams to deal with the unforeseen circumstances such as traffic or jobs that take longer than expected.

Yes. Our truck team will contact you to confirm pricing upon arrival. Our method of payment is via internet banking or by cheque.

Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your options. It is unsafe for our truck teams to work in the dark. Special arrangements can be made if required.

Any items that can be recycled, will be. This includes paper, wood, metal, plastic and green waste. Other items can be donated to local charities. The left over waste is taken to the appropriate transfer station.

No. Our truck is often dirty inside and is unsuitable for transporting goods.

Two strong and motivated people, shovels, rakes, a wheelbarrow and basic hand tools. We do not operate machinery or carry ladders.

Time and labour. Because your time is important to you we save you time by doing all the labour and clean-up. We charge based on volume so you never pay for space that you do not use. On average, we are about the same cost as a skip and we do all the loading for you.

The steel box on the back of our truck is 3.15 metres long by 1.6 metres wide and 1.6 metres. This is approximately 8 cubic metres.

Contact us now! No rubbish removal job too big or small.